Memory Cards
Hello everyone, I'm new here just signed up and have a quick question.

Everything is completely fine with my Final Fantasy X run it at 60fps constantly, just was wondering. I recently got a new computer and my old memory card file was on the other one. I tried transferring it to this computer (the new one) and when I tried to load up my FFX data it said the memory card was empty... Am I doing something wrong? Or just it just not possible to transfer them.

Thanks in advance for the answer, all I needed to know.

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The memory card should be read just fine as soon as it's the same version of the game, just make sure it's the right file and PCSX2 is pointing to that same one but if it still doesn't read then no idea Tongue

You could check in the bios if it's really empty I guess.
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u can transfer the memory cards..
myb u transfer the wrong memory card file i guess..
configure the memory card option in the configuration and see if its pointing to the right folder like Shadow Lady suggest..
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