Memory Cards
How can i get a 3rd and 4th memcard or increase the memcard sizes. Since there are 64mb memcards on the ps2 why shouldn't pcsx2?
wait nevermind i got it but is there a way to increase memory card size?

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There are 64-mb memcards in pcsx2 also, create a new memcard with 64mb int it Smile
Go to Config --> Memcards -->
Either delete one of your memcard and create a new 64-mb memcard or enable the multitap on port 1 and select the 3'rd non-created card and select 64-mb

note: low compatibility in 64-mb and it crashes easily!
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Expect the ability to name the memcards at heart's desire and being able to 'push' then in one the two slots today occupied by Mcd001.ps2 and mcd002.ps2 in the next PCSX2 public release Smile

For now, just create a subfolder under the \memcards, switch to it in the Memory cards menu and create one or two mcds there, format it from PS2 bios (one the main reason for that "no disc" option in CDVD)... When playing, let's say, Final Fantasy XII, just use the Mcds from the FFXII folder, when switching to Dark Cloud, select the Dark Cloud folder under the \memcards... ease and organized.

later you can just rename them to the name the game they are used for and bring them back to the memcards folder.

PS: Although is possible to create bigger memcards, there are a few drawbacks doing so, first the games may become mixed and messed, second is difficult sharing them, let alone a few games seem to not like them.
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