Memory allocation error
I launch pcsx2 and i get a memory allocation error telling me to close some windows or buy more ram. Then it tries to switch to another mode and crashes. my computer meets the system requirements i don't understand why its telling me i need more memory.

Service pack 3
4gig of ram "3.25gig XP"
E8400 dual core 3.0GHZ
ati 4850 512mb
32bit XP

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Never got this problem on XP SP3, but sometimes got on Vista. This may happening if you overclock your CPU with wrong memory settings. Also try set your paging file, mine is 300-500mb and i feel good.
Phenom 1055T x6 3.5GHz ; nVidia GTS 250; 6Gb RAM; Windows 7 x64
how to do i change my paging file?

I also haven't done any overlocking yet my cpu is fairly new
Summoner,it has nothing to do with the paging file and it was only reported once that overclocking can affect it...
grav1sh,try restarting and opening PCSX2 right after the restart.If that doesn't work,some program that you have installed (probably antivirus or firewall) is taking up the memory location that PCSX2 wants to will have to either disable them or remove them if that's the case
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This is exactly what the Virtual Memory .exe is for.
(01-11-2009, 01:33 PM)Bositman Wrote: Summoner,it has nothing to do with the paging file

When i disable paging file on my Vista i`ll get memory allocation error.
Phenom 1055T x6 3.5GHz ; nVidia GTS 250; 6Gb RAM; Windows 7 x64
Eh obviously....It has nothing to do with the size of the paging file is what i mean.Disabling it all together can lead to various problems.In any case,we are working of getting rid of the VM build since it has so many problems which can be avoided
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hey I got the same error...
I can only open that version with the "t" on the end, I saw in a forum that this version is slower. maybe thats why I got low fps on the only game I tried: Samuray Spirits

so is there anything I can do to fix the problem? (im from Brazil and i really couldn't understand the previous explanations)
and will it be faster to the point the games will be playable?
No,the speed difference is a couple of FPS,so if your game is slow on the TLB version it will also be slow on the VM version.
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ooh thx anyway

I guess the only way is to buy a new CPU...

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