Memory card and controller issue
So, I recently decided to try PCSX2 Nightly. I got myself into a situation now that I wish I hadn't and I'm trying to figure out how to get it stabilized.

I downloaded and installed everything needed. I'm using a PS4 controller currently, but I started with a knock-off Xbox controller.

I started a new game playing Gran Turismo 2. I could not get the analog sticks to work no matter what I did. I read up on lots of things to try, changed settings, etc and also tried to manually map the controller. Nothing I did would work. 

Playing this particular game using the D-pad is a handicap that took some getting used to and I wish I had resolved before going further.

Anyway, I went for Gold on all license tests in the game. I went to save the game and get an error code saying something like "memory card not found."

I checked and re-checked everything. As far as Nightly is concerned there's a memory card. The game doesn't see it. So, I opted to use save states. This is definitely not my preferred method of saving for multiple reasons.

When I launch the game with PCSX2, the joysticks work fine. Since i couldn't get my controller working properly, I was hoping to save the game and use the memory cards to load up on the other emulator. But, I cannot save the game and PCSX2 can't use the saves states that I created with Nightly. 

So, I have a game I'm trying to play that the controller wont work properly, nor can i save the game adequately to export the save and I don't want to start over. 

The best thing for me to do is try and get the controller and memory cards working properly and play as intended. However, if nothing else I'd like to figure out how to convert the save state to a memory card in order to play on the latest stable version. 

Anyway, if anyone can empathize and help me resolve these two issues I would be very grateful.

Side note, I did uncheck the box the auto-ejects the memory cards when using save states. The memory card issue was already present and the only reason I opted to use save states. Thank you.

Edit: typos. Also, to clarify. I don't regret trying this emulator at all, I regret digging myself a hole by not solving my technical issues up front.

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Good morning, about the memory card I did these steps and it resolved. 1- start bios, and format it, I got the memory card slot 1, the memory card slot 2 was not possible, I had to delete it and create another one, I use the PCSX2 Nightly version - v1.7.4551, I hope it solves your problem.

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