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Memory card and loading issue!
Hello people,
Well i recently downloaded PCSX2 on my computer (both 0.96 & 1.00 versions).
SO I WAS PLAYING "Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 4".
Today, I downloaded its save file (100% completed savegame) to unlock all the characters.
But the problem is, i am not able to load the savegame.

I tried doing so by 2 ways.
1) I downloaded the Memory card file directly and replaced the original in the memcard folder.
But, when i press the LOAD button in-game, it says there is no saved file of the game.
I checked it with Mymc and found that the save-file is actually there.

2) I tried to put the save file in the memory card by using PV Save Builder, PV Exporter and Mymc.
Yet the file is not been found when trying to load.

P.S. If I save from in-game, I am able to load it from memory card everytime.

And thank you in advance!

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no support for downloaded games.
closed again
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