Memory card compatibility
okay.. i copied my "memory card folder" and saved it to my other hard drive.

now after i formatted my computer.. i installed the pcsx emulator and configured everything even the "memory card folder" i already copied the contents of it and put it in the new "memory card folder" which is usually located on "My documents" ..

now the problem is i have two saves from my memory card, the 1st memory card and the 2nd memory card..

only one of them "READS" the other is "not formatted" (memory card 2)

my important saves in FFX is on memory card 2.. what should i do?

the other memory card works and the other is not formatted..

help please! i dont want to go long way back.Sad

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that's weird. it should read from it

when u first install pcsx2 it will get a fresh copy of the memory cards. you can overwrite these 2 cards with the cards that u backed up and read from them normally

btw did u use save states in the game? u get 9 saves states. f1 saves state, f2 changes state from 0-9 and f3 loads state. if u did and u backed up your save state then u can load from it, but u need to have the same version of pcsx2 in which the save state was made

try doing the following:-
1) use a memory card editor and extract the save u need. unsure if there are any editors
2) try different versions of pcsx2 and hopefully one will read it
3) try it on a different machine

if nothing works then i am sorry Sad you have to redo it Sad

press tab to go into turbo mode and play the game. keep pressing x in all the dialogues and don't read them. you already know what you did and where the items are so you can do it quicker. you should be able to get to where you reached in half the time it took you to get there the first time
(10-16-2012, 07:28 AM)solidus Wrote: 1) use a memory card editor and extract the save u need. unsure if there are any editors

Yes it is, search for myMC.
good Smile

use it and hopefully it will recognize the memory card
i already try myMC.. its useless it wont read as ps2 file because it is unformatted.

ive using older pcsx2 at that time, and i already download it its stil the same.. and by the way my memory card 1 contains 4 saves and there is only two of them..

ive read from another forum, the guy has the same problem as mine.. and then he posted his memory card that was detected "unformatted" and i download it and well you know it worked on me..
Are you sure you are selecting the correct folder that contains your backups of the memory card(before the format).
Are you sure you are selecting the correct memory cards.

Post the cards that you backed up in archive here.
yes.. i pasted it there.. that's why my memory card 1 reads it and the other is not

and by the way i cant attach the file here? it says

"the type of file that you attached is not allowed. Please remove the attachment or choose a different type."
Archive it inside RAR or any compressed format first before attaching.
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ok thanks for the info

okay here it is:

Attached Files
.rar   memory card.rar (Size: 10,38 KB / Downloads: 151)
C:\Users\Psytrac\Downloads\memory card\ffx1.ps2: Not a PS2 memory card image
C:\Users\Psytrac\Downloads\memory card\Mcd002.ps2: Not a PS2 memory card image

are you sure these are legit cards? They don't work in my myMC

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