Memory card issue

i'm playing a game (Shining Force Exa), and since the memory card stopped working mid game, i used only save state since then.
Now, it becomes tricky : i want to make a newgame + , and to do so i need a casual save data.

The problem is that, whenever i load my save state via the emulator, the memory card becomes unformated, and the game fails to format ingame.

For example, i start the game, memory card is formated, very good, i can save ingame with a new game, now load state... memory card instantly becomes corrupt.
Even if i untick one or both of the memory card options.

Any idea if there's a way around this ? Why can't the memory card just stay unchanged after state load ?


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no way around this, unfortunately.
you'll probably have to restart from a blank memcard
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Hm try creating a folder memory card and saving then, see if that would help
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Hey, thanks for the tips, unfortunately nothing works. Also tried to upload some end game saves on the memory card, but to no success.
This game has some serious issues with the Memory Card. I have no idea what causes it, but I already made a report on it quite a while ago. (It corrupts it after a while for no apparent reason).

I haven't tested the Folder Memory Card system yet, to see if stuff gets corrupted there as well.

And just to note - it corrupts it to the point where you have to create a completely new memory card, or it keeps failing to save.
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The PCSX2 Wiki should be updated for the game, because it doesn't mention this type of issue at all, sounds pretty bad if the memory card just totally stops working. When it becomes unformatted, do you lose all your memory card saves too? (Question for Ryudo) or it just acts funny with the game, but nothing is deleted/erased and the like?

None-the-less, should be a warning for people in the Wiki.
You can extract every other game from your Memory Card still using myMC. But the Shining Force EXA saves are corrupted to the point that they can't be deleted via the PS2 memory card manager, nor through myMC. (At least this was the case for me).

For me the issue hasn't happened yet since disabling 'Auto Eject Memory Cards when loading Save States' in the Memory Card options. Which is somewhat bizarre considering I don't even use Save States to begin with.

But I still need to play longer to fully confirm it doesn't happen again. (Feel free to try it for yourself as well, since you're currently playing the game).
AMD Ryzen 5 3600 @ 3.60~4.20 GHz | Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB (2x16GB) DDR4-3200
MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Super @ 6 GB | Samsung 980 1TB | Windows 10 Pro x64 (22H2)
Oh, okay. Thanks for the confirmation of what happens, Ryudo. Game looks interesting, so I'll try and pick it up some time soon and play through it, just wanted to know if I should make a backup of all my things, but I too, use the memory card folder system =). Thanks.

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