Memory card problem - Save not found
I moved my PCSX2 folder from an internal drive to an external drive. Now that I tried to play Kingdom Hearts on PCSX2, it can't find any of my saves.

Is it possible to somehow get the save files back? I don't want to start anew.

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You should just have to go back into the configuration and reselect your plugins from the new directory you set.
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It says the memory card is not formatted when I try to load.

I made a backup, formatted, found that it didn't work, and put the old one back. I must admit I'm a little confused now.
Again, did you go into the configuration and change the directory in PCSX2 itself to look for the memory cards? It may still be looking at the old location on your internal drive.

If you're using the latest version (0.9.7) it's using the settings stored in ini's located in your /my documents/ directory, those ini tell it where your memory card directory was... and if it's the same computer, it's going to still look in the old place. You have to change the directory that PCSX2 is looking for the memory card in it's configuration.
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just go "Config" -> "Memory cards" and navigate to the actual directory your memcards were moved.
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I did locate the memory cards, reset all settings, but the memory card folder was right all along. Did this twice, checked the folder choice, checked the inis.

It appears there simply is no data on them; the date of their creation appears to be a few days ago, when I moved them. It just seems to be reset for some reason.

Thank you for your help, but it looks like I'll just have to accept the fact they were deleted.
Well, I hope those memcards you formatted weren't the "real" ones... Still I think the old ones may be still sitting somewhere waiting to be find.
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I had that sliver of hope too, but a search with .ps2 file extension produced no surprises. Wacko
had the same issue just now. i lost HOURS of gameplay. THANK GOD savestates still exist.
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