Memory dump
Hi to all, i notice in the latest builds the function "enter memory dump" has been removed. Why? Please it is usefull to show address and its values when hacking for a cheat code, is it possible to implement it again?


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some members of the team decided that regular users dont need debug options in the release builds, so if you want them now you need to use a debug build
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would it be possible to add a debug version link in the official betas thread? Rolleyes (so just normal (or newbie) users wouldn't have to compile them)
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NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja
Thank you! I too agree it would be cool to choose between both version, or simply implement them again.

Thanx to listen to users PCSX2 Team!Happy
I want to point out that these options were moved because they don't work that well, and they are eventually scheduled to be re-added to the emulator.

In the meanwhile, you can also have them if you compile a devel build.

About beta, we'll see...
how do I activate the memory dump option? I can't find it anywhere >.<
(04-15-2012, 11:00 PM)usuarioxksi Wrote: how do I activate the memory dump option? I can't find it anywhere >.<

please make a new thread i think nobody will help you in this dead thread
better close this now.
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