Yesterday evening I played with Suikoden 4 on PCSX2 0.9.7 beta (r3878) when the fps increased to 1000 (50.00 normaly with PAL).
I haven't change nothing, but I'd reset all plugin and the fps went normaly.
Now, when I load game, I can't load the save in memorycard from the game, but in bios I can see all save on the memorycard.
I try also copy the two files and formatted memorycard, but none. I can't load any save; I see black screen and stop. Don't continue or ask me to select Memory Card 1 or 2.
How do I play without lost the data? Please!

P.s: I'm italian.

Edit: I confirm. It's a problem of emulator, because I try to save in Suikoden V and load, but tell me:
"No memory card in slot 1". He save, but don't load.
Edit2: no, the problem is only with Suikoden IV. Black screen and he don't move.

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