Menu selection problem.

So I've got a little bit of problem.
I'm using PCSX2 0.9.8. mostly for Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XII. I played FF few weeks ago and everything run good, then I tried to play again yesterday and problem appeard. I can't select nothing when I'm in game menu. Up and Down doesn't work, however they work in game ( I can run etc.). Also in main menu I cannot select Load Game becuse I can't go down. I've reinstall PCSX and it didn't help.

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Better start using version 1.0.0 now.
Unfortunately it didn't help at all. Still cannot go up or down in any menu.
did you map the D-pad keys correctly ?
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Yea, everything is just as it was when it run correctly. In game it works just fine, only the menu is a problem, also when I'm in menu Cross or Circle works alright, but Up or Down aint.
Problem fixed, the reason was me being a dumbass. Thx jesalvein.

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