Mercenaries 1: Playground of Destruction - Slight Lag spikes
I have been using the v1.5 dev version of PCSX2 to play this game because I was told it works now. It works great, but I notice a slight lag spike every so often in certain scenarios. I've tried tinkering with every setting but nothing seems to cure it. Running the game in Dx11 HW mode fixes the lag spike, but then the visual glitches occur and the game becomes unplayable. I made a video showing the spike. Is it a performance tweak I can make, a possible future performance enhancement, or is my PC just too weak for it?

Edit: Tried it on my room mate's PC with an i5 4690k and GTX 760, the lag spike was still there, but the audio did not lag.

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press f9 to switch graphics from hardware mode to software mode and try
Looks like the stutter/pause occurs at specific camera angles/positions - maybe some effect or object is loading in as you turn towards a particular direction, perhaps something that isn't rendered under Direct3D11 HW. Does the stutter occur in software mode?

If you use MSI Afterburner / Rivatuner Statistics Server or a similar program to monitor GPU memory usage as you play (using OpenGL HW), do you see any sudden increase in usage coinciding with the stutter/pause?
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The camera stutter at certain angles is probably the same as Jak II. This is a known issue, but unfortunately it's just a side-effect of the improved timings that were introduced at the end of 2015. See here for details:

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