Mercenaries Playground of Destruction
My computer: windows 7 64Bit
Core i53470 3.2ghz
8GB ram
Geforce 660GTX

I know this isn't a very strong computer, but the games run at 50fps (NTSC Version). Is there anyway i can reach 60fps in software mode?

(in hardware mode, the screen becomes very very bright and it is impossible to play, but please let me know if there is any fix for that)

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GS plugin settings:
Increase extra rendering threads to 3.

Emulation settings:
Use recommended speedhacks. Try mtvu as well.
I forgot to mention that I reached 50fps with these settings.
What is the influence of MTVU? Positive/Negative/Unchanged?

What happens if you slowly increase the EE slider?
the mtvu hardly changes anything. however, increasing the ee slider actually helps a bit but it is still not the smoothest experience. vu cycle stealing doesn't help
So there isn't any other solution?
skipdraw can help in hardware mode?
Yes skipdraw is an hw hack. So not usable in sw renderer as speedhack. In HW mode it can solve some unwanted post-processing effects or hw glitches.

The best to increase the fps in software mode is overclocking. Unfortunately you have a non-k version.
Here is one youtube guide for overclocking your cpu. Don't know if it is correct or good.
But if it is possible also depends on the mainboard (z-model).
3470 is an ivy bridge cpu so it can be overclocked in H-models too, and I've checked it in multiple sites. My motherboard is gigabyte GA-H77-DS3H. The supply unit is 650W. can I still overclock it?
Give it a try. If it doesn't work you can set it back. With modern cpu's frying a system is quite hard.

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