Mercenaries Playground of Destruction, Tearing and Skipping.
Hey all, I have two problems so far with this game.

First off is a screen tearing issue, as seen in this image.

Mainly only affects Menus, although it does show up in the game proper.

Second issue is cutscene skipping. Ingame, and ingame cutscenes work 100% correctly. However FMVs such as the intro "News Report" and Fiona's speech to ExOps have serious skipping issues. To put it into some form of info, the main conversation goes something like "Alright get the li-" "Alright, this is our plan for the So-" "As you can see, the So-" "Wouldn't this present a mo- -ilema, the guy is evi-", etc etc. During the skips, it jumps forward a second or so, in both audio and video.

Specwise, I have a i5-3570K, Radeon HD 7950, and 8 gigs of DDR3 RAM. I'm using PCSX2 build r5350, and have it set to DxD11 Software. Nothing else is touched, although I have a previous 1920x1080 Hardware setup I was using for another game cached into GSDX. I've experimented with Presets, and have gone from 1-4. At 4 the game runs perfectly, and I noticed the skipping in the cutscenes was drastically reduced, but it and the lines were still present.

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