Merry Christmas and SPU2ghz release...
This is gigaherz here, writing my first ever news post.

After more than 4 years working on it in my spare time, and while it still doesn't work as well as peops spu2 or zerospu2, the plugin has finally come to be acceptable enough for public testing.

I have to note the plugin has many known issues in specific games, like looping, robotized or jumpy audio, but in others it does its job more than fine and in a few it even manages to get better results than its competitors.

For now, you can get binary builds for win32 in here.

On a side note, it's Christmas day already, so to everyone who chooses to celebrate it, me and the rest of the PCSX2 team wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope you all have been given all what you asked for (or what you deserve, whichever is better), and for those who don't, I still wish you a good day!

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