Merry Christmas from the PCSX2 Team!
Just a quick note to say Merry Christmas to everybody! We hope you all have a wonderful day and a very happy new year in the days to come!

Of course if you don't celebrate Christmas, happy extra day off work! (Providing you aren't also self employed!)

Ho Ho Ho!

-PCSX2 Team
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(12-25-2012, 12:28 PM)refraction Wrote: Ho Ho Ho!

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Umm I've prepared a news post for the website, but oh well who cares about the forum XD
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I read the news post. It was lovely. Merry Christmas.
new christmas is around the conner!
Merry Christmas PCSX2 Team! keep up the awesome work guys !!
merry christmas to all
and btw this forums is now 5 yrs. old i was thinking extra celebration
as you know i was in the forum for 5 yrs. now then we ask the veteran members who registered since "Dec-2008" to celebrate their 5 yrs. loyalty in this forums.

i think me and jesalvein is currently active since dec-2008.
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Why are we digging up a thread that is a year old? lol
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Merry chistimas psx2 team and all!!!!!!!Sucess!!!
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