Mesa Nvidia/AMD test required

Currently Geometry Shader is black-listed on the Mesa driver. It would be very nice if someone can test the latest release of Mesa (11.2).

You can "force-enable" the extension in the 2nd tab of the configuration dialog.

Tell me if it is working. And I'm also interested on the perf impact (APU/GPU...).

Thanks you.

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Tried on Archlinux with mesa 11.2.1-1 with Nvidia GT 750M.
Game: Final Fantasy XII
No graphic issue, framerate around ~60-65 fps with geometry shader enabled.
And ~65-70 fps in auto (same when disabled).

I don't really see differences in term of framerate and graphic rendering.
I try on FFX and Dirge of Cerberus as well without problems.
Ok. Someone told me it was faster on Intel GPU. And some people told me it was very slow on AMD Catalyst (but I guess it depends on the game too).

Anyway, it seem to work so I will remove the black list of the extension.

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