Metal Arms Glitch in The System
Hello, When i start Metal arms Glitch in the System i can choose languague and then is a short video and then is there only a black Screen Sad
What can i do?
Can i jump over the videscenes or something?
Thank you guys and greatings from Tyrol Laugh
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Graphic = Nvidia geforce gtx 560 ti

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Try to start the game in Fast Mode and forget about Full Mode.
How I can start it in fast mode?
And the strange thing is that it works with PCsx2 0.9.8 but there it lagg too much... Sad
Erase old & unsupported version 0.9.8 & install newer stable version 1.0.0 from here >>
Fast boot means Go to System tab in pcsx2 & click on boot cd/dvd fast instead of boot cd/dvd full.
U should use always fast boot option because some games have issues with full boot.
If some game need language change.then u can use full boot Smile
Thank you for help Laugh
i will try it now with boot cd/dcd fast Smile
then I write if it works Laugh
and what i mean on the other post was that the game works with version 0.9.8 but not with 1.0.0 Sad
and at 0.9.8 there are some graphics bugs :/
No Sad
I can still choose languague and there is still black screen after the languague choose Sad
then u should install latest svn from here >>
also find wiki on google how this game work on pcsx2.
Google Metal Arms pcsx2 wiki.
What is this Svn?
and there is only for 32 bit Sad i have 64 where i can download the 64 bit version?
Thank you
svn stands for subversion
there is not 64 bits version
64bit os support any 32 bit aplications anyways
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Ok Thank you verry much Laugh
I play it now with version 0.9.8 thats the only way to play it and there are graphic glitches but when i deaktivate speedhacks then the glitches are no longer here Smile

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