Metal Gear Solid 2 - No Gun in First Person Mode
I'm pretty sure i saw a thread about this some time ago on the same problem, but i can't find it through search mode.

Anyway, i made an ISO of my copy of MGS 2 Sons of Liberty (NTSC, bought for collection purpose), the game seems to run fine (60 FPS in the beginning cutscene and while moving around on the deck of the tanker), but i can't shoot with the gun, because the gun will not pop up while using First Person to shoot.

I'm using PCSX2 1.0.0 svn 5444, with "out of the box" settings except the MTVU Hack that i enabled.

Any kind of help is deeply appreciated.

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Is the X button bound correctly? If I remember correctly, doesn't MGS use the O button for menus? So you may not have noticed it.
The buttons are bound correctly, every game recognizes the right button when pressed. Simply, the gun is equipped but does not appear when i want to aim.

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