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Metal Gear Solid 2: SOL PC vs. PCSX2 Graphics Comparison
Just thought I'd do a quick screenshot comparison between both versions.

Windows port, [email protected]:

[Image: mgs2-sse-2020-02-05-21-59-14-704.png]

PCSX2, 4x IR:

[Image: pcsx2-2020-02-05-22-01-06-827.png]

Windows port, [email protected]:

[Image: mgs2-sse-2020-02-05-22-05-25-755.png]

PCSX2, 4x IR:

[Image: pcsx2-2020-02-05-22-06-56-273.png]

The PCSX2 version with Texture Filtering set to Nearest is sharper and brings out additional detail in the textures. The Windows port is also missing most of the rain particles during the Tanker sequence.

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