Metal Gear Solid 2 Slow Downs/Lags
I am currently playing MGS2 Substance on pcsx2 1.2.1 (bios 2.20 usa 2006) and I am encountering some issues.
Sometimes in cutscenes I get a slowdown where the video and audio play in slow motion.
It starts always at the same part of the cutscenes, so it obviously is not random.

Normal gameplay is smooth, even when I run 6x native with every graphic option enabled but parts of certain cutscenes still play in slow motion even though I constantly have 59.9 fps.

It's not my system since my cpu is only at 14% (max. load of a single core is between 26 and 32%) and my gpu has low usage too (1-10%).
I have 12 gb ram and only 22% get used running the game so it's not that I don't have enough ram.

Maybe I should switch to another bios or pcsx2 version?
I am currently using pcsx2 1.2.1 and bios 2.20 usa 2006.

evga gtx 970 ftw+
i7 970 @ 4.2 ghz (hexacore+hyperthreading)
windows 10 64 bit

i still get slow downs with f9
i tried every combination of renderer, interlacing and adapter setting but it doesnt fix the issue
i ran the game in native 640x480 without any graphic enhancements etc
i tried every combo of audio settings
i chose a metal gear online gs plugin (gsdx5334 sse3)

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