Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance [DVD9]
It's me again, people.

Well, this time this thread is about Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance [DVD9]. After a serch through the forum I just found that ppl usually talk about MGS 3 and MGS 2 not working or woking poorly but none solutions whatsoever.

When i tried to run it here just got a transparent window as like that The game didn't even start =/
It just stop here. Any sugestion, someone?

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Hi Mate Rolleyes
I got the same problem, I wish this game will be playable soon!

I already post the problem to developers here:

A user called Blueking3 from japan, has been able to start MGS2 substance japanese version, but I tried his settings, but it doesn't work for pal version Closedeyes
ahaha I saw yous posts, man ^_^ I did read too that the PC version of MGS2 is not so good... :/

lol I won't go there ask that for them. I am new to this pcsx2, and I think that all doubts I may have was already asked, as like you did about MGS.
Hope too for it to be playable on the next release, as like a couple of another games.

I could see the Loading screen of the skateboarding by lauching the elf...
Luck for everyone.
not working at the moment. PC has MGS2 substance though.. might as well try it (u mentioned problem with PC version.. what kinda problem?)
The problem it's just that what Gentleman mate said, the Post: #3 and #5

Anyway, I will see if I can get the MGS2 for pc tomorrow. I played it so much on my PS2 and always thought the game was really ok, no prob at all, so never wanted to try the pc version. Till now...
man, that was such a sweet game. I wish MGS2 and MGS3 are playable soon. Can't wait to run them on hi res with PCSX2
PC version is just fine.
I would like it to be playable to hack cheat code like characters modifier, or have HF Blade from the start, I need MGS2 substance emulated by PCSX2 to have a chance to find these codes.
(04-24-2009, 12:25 PM)zdravkelja Wrote: PC version is just fine.
Agree. It's way better
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The pc version really is just the same. If you want to make it look a little better, force AA and some other settings through your video cards drivers. I've played both over a dozen times, and from my standpoint, there's nothing different, gameplay or graphically. People with nVidia cards can have problems though, atleast when i played it. A patch is required to make the geometry show up correctly on nvidia cards. Could be fixed now.
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