Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance black screen at launch
Every time I load up MGS2: Substance, PCSX2 either starts normally and hangs after the "Playstation 2" logo if I choose full boot , or doesn't start at all if I choose fast. I can see the FPS changing in the corner of the window, so something's happening, but all I see is a black screen. I have tried resetting all settings, changing DVD Readers from gigaherz to Linuz and back, but nothing seems to work. I also used imgburn to rip the ISO image from my disc.

Can anyone please help me? Thanks.

Screenshot for hopefully further analysis:
[Image: Wbovx.jpg]

I'm running with an Intel Core i5 and a GeForce 8800 GTX with 8GB of RAM

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Tried built-in ISO reader?

1. Go to CDVD --> Iso Selector. Locate your ISO.

2. In the same menu, make sure Iso is selected from 3 options you see there. (Iso, Plugin, No Disc).
Yes, I have tried using the ISO Reader. Same result.

EDIT: I should clarify, the results aren't exactly the same, but the game still fails to play. When I use the ISO Reader, it just gets stuck saying "isoFile: searching for layer 1".

I have uploaded another screenshot for further review.
[Image: IUQdm.jpg]
MGS2:Sub is a dual layer game. The emulator needs to search the ISO for the different layers first.
This may take between 2-5 min. and only needs to be done the first time. Just leave it on and wait a bit.
Make sure you're using the latest SVN of PCSX2.
Re-rip the .iso again if you have to, and make sure to verify it.
Maybe you didn't properly rip the dual-layer correctly?

The game works on mine, and I always use Fast Boot.
Aha! I let the game alone for about 5 minutes and it began to start up flawlessly!

Thank, you everyone. Now I can't even play the damn game because I'm using an Xbox 360 Controller and it doesn't have pressure sensitive buttons >.<. I can't even draw my gun!

I suppose I'll have to either buy a PS2 controller or download the PC version of the game. Regardless, I now know I can get other PS2 games running as well!

Thanks again everyone for your help.

Try Pokopom, and make sure you're using XInput. It should feature pressure sensitivity, and you don't even need to config it.
It's so much better than Lilypad.
(12-10-2012, 09:49 PM)devina40 Wrote: It should feature pressure sensitivity

And how this is going to happened when Xbox360 controller does not have pressure sensitive buttons apart from the trigers?
For the record LilyPad support this feature too. If,of course game support it too. Example- Gran Turismo 4, default controls for gaz/brake are squire/cross. All buttons of ps2 pad are pressure sensitive. Its no problem to swap gaz/brake buttons to the only ones pressure sensitive buttons on xbox360 pad- the triggers. And voala- game works fine with this,finds L2/R2 buttons as pressure sensitive and with a little tunning of the deadzones(which cannot be done in your "amazing" plugin) everything is perfect.

(12-10-2012, 09:49 PM)devina40 Wrote: It's so much better than Lilypad.

No its not. It does not have any config option apart from some standart and honestly unnecessary ones(who the f*ck need analog/digital switch??). It really lack of config options compared to LilyPad which is way more customizable.

Yes, game really works fine if you wait enough time to load first time. But i saw something in console

Quote:microVU0 Warning: Branch, Branch, Branch! [05c8]

Does this mean i should disable MicroVU Hacks(i have both enabled) ?
Well, jeez, I'm just trying to help by offering a possible fix. I'm not an expert.
I've never owned a 360 or 360 controller, so I wouldn't have known, but I still think it's worth a shot.

I've been using a Logitech F710 (XInput mode) + newest version of Pokopom and it's been a flawless experience for me.
In contrast to Lilypad, the vibration feels nicer, the analog sticks feel more like a real DualShock's, and I love the instant plug-and-play feel.
And you can adjust the rumble, deadzone and linearity in Pokopom.

Why would you really need customization anyway? I just want my controller to function like a real DualShock.
(12-10-2012, 11:17 PM)devina40 Wrote: I've never owned a 360 or 360 controller, so I wouldn't have known, but I still think it's worth a shot.

Well, i own one.And no matter which plugin you use, its buttons will not became pressure sensitive.

(12-10-2012, 11:17 PM)devina40 Wrote: Why would you really need customization anyway? I just want my controller to function like a real DualShock.

For some particular games? Again example with GT4-setting gaz/brake to the triggers is not a problem but sensitivity.It must be lower a lot to make ratio between button press/amount of acceleration equal. ALso not every gamepads have same sensitive,linearity and deadzone. DIfferent gamepads feels different with same plugin. I makes some changes sometimes for some FPS games. Of course that settings are very rare but why should i miss them when i can have them easily?

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