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Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance black screen at launch
MGS2 works flawlessly with my F710 and it doesn't have pressure sensitive buttons either (excluding the triggers), but it does have XInput which I use for the majority of my PC gaming.

All I'm saying is that it's worth a shot since it was made specifically with Xinput in mind, and the 360 controller uses Xinput. If it still doesn't work, whatever, no harm done.

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Lilypad also support Xinput along with Dinput. Anyway, everybody is free to use whatever he/she want.
Ive actually found a workaround. Whenever I draw my gun but dont intend to fire, I just press press R2 to make Snake put away the gun completely. Automatic weapons are tougher to handle, but i just try to estimate where Im aiming with R1 before I press square to open fire.
I got the same problem but waiting doesn't work.

Quick question: My dvd drive (supposedly DL compatible) shows the original disc to have a volume of 2.19 GB which also ends up being the file size of every iso a rip from it. Seems suspiciously small to me.

Can anyone confirm whether that's correct?
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