Metal Gear Solid 2 slowdown..makes me sick
hi there

i've got MGS2 Substence

and my CPU i7 950 oc to 4.0 ghz
and GTX 780 sc ACX
Ram 16 GB

anyway..i played MGS3 and its great

but Metal Gear Solid 2 got many slowdon specially in the beginning

what to do to make it run smooth?

mine is NTSC usa
My PC:-
i7 950 oc 4ghz
GTX 780 sc
RAM 16 gb

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software mode + set 3 extra rendering threads.
Maybe you'll need to overclock to 4.5 ghz if you can.
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RAM : 16 Go
Try what jes said and, use mtvu hack and some moderate speedhacks, this game is quite demanding even for most i5"s.
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