Metal Gear Solid 3 Crashes
direct x 10
latest pcsx2 .96
windows vista
2gb ram
quad core 2.8ghz
geforce 8800 gt

snake eater crashes right after the playstation 2 logo where the game opening should begin

vtlb miss error

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Show your configs...!!!
patches off
all settings default
gigahertz cd dvd plugin
gsdx 890 dx10 hardware have also tried zero gs

is there a better way to show my configs like copy and paste from the console or just a screen shot?
Try setting "round mode" to "chop / zero" (config->advanced) and newest betas (and plugins).
Your supposed to use File > Run CD/DVD to start the game not Run > Execute
HI GUYS....MGS3 snake eater crashes every time i go into radio menu or when i use thermal goggles .using newest beta and plugin's.
hey guys, sorry its been taking me so long to back with a response.

pimpenpenguin- thats what I do, I do run cd/dvd.

Prott- tried it, no luck.

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