Metal Gear Solid 3: Existence Project
Hi everyone,

For the lucky few who were able to get a copy of MGS3: Limited Edition, they were able to see a movie made of the game's cutscenes on an extra disc that came in the limited edition, the "Existence" disc. I've always really enjoyed the story to the game so for a while now I've wanted to take the movie and capture it via Fraps or the ZeroGS video plugin so I could put in a regular DVD and show it to other's. I've watched and waited for a year or so as PCSX2 has evolved and it seems that it's almost possible for the game to run, and from what I've watched, the 3rd disc has very few problems now, those being "poppy" audio and it runs at appx 50% the normal rate (which I'm hoping a new computer I'm building will solve or mitigate). I'm not too concerned about the slowdown, as it's a very easy fix in any video editing program, seeing as I'm more concerned with the video capture than the actual playability (seeing as there really isn't any--it's just a movie).

So my questions for the community are: Is there any known workaround for the "poppy" sound? I've tried 3 audio plugins, two of which work decently well, and the last barely works.

Also, is there any known method of allowing the program to (for lack of the proper terminology =/ ) take the time it needs to process as so it can render everything? I've see this sort of effect done with very high res crysis renders, where the end effect video runs at 30 fps or so but in actuality the game is running at ~1-5 fps.

In case you're interested...
Audio Plugins used: SPU2-X (Good), PEOpS (Good), ZeroSPU2 (Bad).
Processor: AMD Athlon X2 4200+
Audio Card: Audigy 2 ZS

Using a capture card is out the question unfortunately, as my ps2 is a disc read error graveyard anymore (even with adjusting the lens height via the cog inside).

Thanks in advance,


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The EE Sync hacks can cause pops in sound when running a video,do you have them set to default? You could also try playing around with spu2-x latency until these pops stop but don't increase it too much or it will cause audio-video desync
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