Metal Gear Solid 3 Help!
Hey guys!I have a big problem with metal gear and try to solve it for about 5 hours!
# PCSX2 version: pcsx2-r1888 beta
# Plugins used : GSDX 2404(MSVC 15.00,SSSE3) 0.1.15
SPU2-X r2393 1.3.0
# Frame Limit : 45

if i run the game on Direct3D9 (Hardware) mode everything is just fine and the intro starts normal till the part in the first picture i attached. the sound and video slows down. a few parts of the intro are fine but when snakes jumps out of the plane, the sound crashes again and everything slows down.i press start and pcsx crashes!If i start the game on Direct3D9 (Software) mode everything is extremely slow but there are no quality issues.the game starts and i can play but as i said its just too slow.Please help me!            

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pls show us your GSdx settings(Renderer,Reso,Native,etc)
i'm using that GSdx version same as yours i got no problems.
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these are my settings
There is a special GSdx hack for this game. What is your game's CRC? You can see it after you enable console and check the titlebar when running the game.
Also uncheck 'Allow 8 bit textures' and run the game via File->Run CD/DVD and not Run->Execute
[Image: newsig.jpg]
where can i find the special hack?my CRC is d7ed797d .
Nope doesn't match any on the list...I guess it's some modified/pirated copy or something. You can't find it, it's enabled by the plugin automatically through the code if your CRC is in its' list.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
do you mean the game is a copy?i made an image of the game!should i play it with my cd?the bios could be a copy!get it from a friend cause my ps2 doesnt work anymore

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