Metal Gear Solid 3 PAL Graphical Glitch Report
Metal Gear Solid 3 PAL (SLES 80213) running on any version of PCSX2

At the beginning of the game(Dremuchij South), when using hardware rendering, there is strange dark sports all over the ground and on certain trees. When I switched to software rendering, all the strange spots disappeared.

When entering the next area of the game Dremuchij Swampland (and using hardware rendering), everything displayed fine and no strange dark spots. So from what I can tell is that it affects only the first area of the game(Dremuchij South). I posted a pic so you guys can see what I mean.

I tried basically everything (HW Hacks, manual game fixes, etc..) with no success. I really want to play in hardware rendering


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I believe some effects have been disabled in hardware mode as they cause screen glitches, this is probably the result of it.
[Image: ref-sig-anim.gif]

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