Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Well it's finally confirmed. MGS3 is fully playable from start to finish on 09.6
With latest GSDX887 and SPU-X 1.1 and GHz CDVD plugin. Plays around 75% 80% most of the game, but FPS heavely drops out in graphically intensive areas. Speed Hack are the X3 Cycle Rate (SPU-X doesn't make crackling or stuttering with this hack in this specific game), INTC Sync Hack, IOP X2 Cycle Rate and Wait Cycles Sync Hack. However, when I changed The Rounding And Clamping Mode to "None", PCSX2 crashed many times in an area that I had no problems with before(I saved my game when i was battling The Boss). As for the FMVs, they're still a little slow and stuttery except in intro movie with Snake Eater song (Maybe because it's MPEG?) and a couble similar videos. Latest rev of PCSX2 still crashes when i try to save state from the pull down menu, instead I use F1 and F3. Still the green water reflections and glass reflection present in GSDX DX10 HW Mode, hope he gets on development quickly with DX11. So I can add this game to the games that runs perfectly on PCSX2 along with this list I tested myself:

Final Fantasy X (Runs Full Speed) ( Tested only on 0.9.5 Beta with VM and TLB)
Final Fantasy X-2 (Still Stuttering FMVs) (Runs Full Speed)
Final Fantasy XII (Runs Full Speed)
Kingdom Hearts (Runs Full Speed)
Kingdom Hearts II (Runs Full Speed)
King of Fighters: Maximum Impact (Minor graphic glitches) (Runs Full Speed)
Mortal Kombat: Deception
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
God Hand (Runs Full Speed)
God of War
Devil May Cry (Very slow even with the hacks)
Devil May Cry 2 (Runs Full Speed)
Resident Evil:Code Veronica X (Runs Full Speed)
Shadow of The Colossus (Almost playable with all the hacks on) (Runs Full Speed)
My Rig:
AMD Phenome X4 9850 BE (Not OCed)
ECS Main Board 780 Series Black Edition
4X 1GB DDR2 Kingston PC6400 (Mem Clock at 400Mhz)
ATI HD3650 With 1GB VRAM
Windows Vista Ultimate x64 SP1

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MGS3 is missing postprocessing stuff. It's also playable full speed with a very good rig.

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