Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence PAL action replay

Lately I want to play again MGS3S (SLES-82042) with some codes (after beating the game several times, of course). Unfortunately, none of the codes published on official site works at all...

Is there someone who could find codes working on PAL version? Or else in US?
I downloaded the omniconvert + PCSX2CE. Yet, until now it was unsuccessful...

Hope I'll have a positive answer.

Thank you by advance.

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well, I have a guide in my sig for making cheats, which includes how to convert cheats from one region to another
MGS3 is one of those games where cheating is a real ***** through pnach/codebreaker/whatever code format. I've only gotten a few codes to work so far in the game, and the majority just doesn't work.
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using cheat engine usually works fine, just make sure the code (that will start in 0 raw) starts with a 2 in CE

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