Metal Gear Solid 3 issues
Hello, i'm trying to play Metal Gear Solid 3Wackoubsistence. At most parts the game has 60 fps but if i go into a grassy area or something similar, the fps drops to 25-30 and the game suffers from a massive slow down. I've tried using some speedhacks but either i'm doing something wrong or they aren't working in this case, probably the first.Any suggestions for configuration?

My pc is: Quad Core Q6600
GeForce 9600GT 512MB
4gbs of ram(but only 2,8 usable due to 32bit XP)

And something i've been wondering for some time now, is the fps responsible for the massive slow downs, or something else? Because any normal pc game on 25-30 fps doesn't slow down that much.

Thanks in advance!

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The PS2 (and any other console) use a fixed framerate of 60 fps (50 in pal games), lower than that is slow.

Also the emu doesn't suport quad cores, so your q6600 is only using 2 cores at their stock speed, overclocking it can help. Anyway, MGS3 is a very cpu-intensive game.

Sorry for my english Tongue
PC games and emulators are not the same please done compare them like that Tongue
In emulation, if the game runs too slow, then all (ps2) system timers and updates happen slower.
We cannot avoid that, it comes with the way an emu works.

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