Metal Gear Solid 3 subsistence (MGS3) issue with transparent objects in hardware mode
Sorry for poor english.
CPU - Intel® Core™ i7-4770 3.40GHz
Graphics Card - GeForce GTX 770
Ram - 16GB
Windows 7
pcsx2-v1.3.1-1158-gcee0b79-windows-x86 (git version) & pcsx2-1.2.1-r5875 (as latest stable) - same result.

I emulated MGS3 and played first part of it on both software & hardware modes (for testing).
All was good, until the scene on the bridge, when "The Sorrow" shows up. He has transparent figure, and on hardware mode it's just not visible, except for glow around eyes.
After experimenting with configs, all i get is: "CRC Hack Level" should be set to minimum (1). Nothing else helps.
So i wonder: is there a way to optionally disable specific crc, without ruining the game?
Adding "CrcHacksExclusions=blah blah blah" in GSdx.ini should be helpful, if only i have a list of crc's for experimenting, but i can't find it.

Can someone pls help to deal with this? Since software mode is locked on native resolution and sometimes little slow on cutscenes... it playable on my system though, but if there is a solution for hardware mode, it would be preferable.

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Hmm this must be part of the broken effects on this game which have been disabled for that reason.. I'm afraid your only options are to lower the CRC hack for that bit or use software mode.
[Image: ref-sig-anim.gif]

Looked in files on GSdx git directory, CrcHacksExclusions seemed to just disable all hacks for specified game crc, and separate hacks for crc's located in GSState.cpp, ZZHacks.cpp, ZZHacks.h or... whatever.
Is it even possible to do something with it? Lowering whole CRC hacks level is a bit extreme, and i kinda hope it's been overlooked, because this bug is pretty rare (people play on hardware mode probably without knowing about it... as it seems from pcsx2 settings manual for this game).
p.s. btw game crc is 0x9F185CE1
Only thing i found in hacks for this game is something about texture cache limitation. Without it game looks almost ok with skipdraw 1 or 2 in "HW hacks" settings, but there are some layers of graphics with wrong coordinates.
Have no idea what can even be done there, since it's not just drawing surfaces (higher values of skipdraw don't erased them right away, but gradually ruined picture structure). Maybe there is no need for skipdraw and it's all about those layers coordinates...

Anyway, i am quit talking with myself, and will just use software mode. Sorry for poor english again.

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