Metal Slug Anthology "upscaling" pixelated Picture
Hi there Im using the emu with Nativ x4 on my i7 3770k 4,5ghz and GTX 670 with SSD.

Runs very good with this Sys. But the Game Metal Slug ANthology looks very pixelated still - is that normal?

Are there any options or plugins to get a cleaner picture? (i use MSSA 4 too).

Like the old SNES emus had pictures effects for a more smoothed picture...

Thank you in advance !

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I read somewhere that Metal Slug games are emulated on the PS2.

PCSX2 again emulates the PS2. As a result I don't think it can affect the emulated game running inside the emulator it is emulating. Well, hope you can understand that...

Even at 6x, the game looks the same compared to native. I have never used AA on that game so I don't know.
software mode makes it looks better then x times native because pictures arent upscaled because it isnt a 3d object, thus it doesnt gain in resolution.
Only 3D stuff can be rendered at true higher resolution. "Flat" (2D) stuff - such as menus and other OSD elements are just stretched to appear bigger, but are NOT rendered at higher resolution, so they appear pixelated. Metal slug is a fully 2D game, so nothing can't be done to make it appear sharper (other than using artificial resizers like eagle, sai2x, hq3x etc - which PCSX2 doesn't support).

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