Metal gear solid 3 slow cutscenes
Hello guys, I have a problem with metal gear solidĀ 3, the game isĀ running fine but during cutscenes there are some serious slow down, I tried to search for some solution but didn't find anything to solve this problem. I have the latest 1.6.0 version of pcsx2 (downloaded from the official website). Anyway here's my spec:

Windows 10 64 bit
Intel i7 4790k
16 gb RAM
Geforce GTX 970

Update: I've tried to find a solution in the general troubleshooting thread, after setting the audio "Synchronizing mode," from "Timestretch (recommended)" to "Async Mix", the audio problem seems to be resolved; during cutscenes the fps still drops to sub 30 sometimes, but the audio seems fine, I hope this doesn't break the game later on.

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