Mgs3 pressure sensitivity with SCP drivers?
So I'm on an MGS kick right now and really wanna play this game again, but man I still have no idea if it's possible to get this goin with the SCP drivers. Did the X360 pad even have pressure sensitivity on the face buttons? I've tried lilypad and pokopom or whatever and no luck. I mean the game is beatable for sure without it but I want the full experience lol.

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You'll need to buy yourself a DualShock 2 or DualShock 3 controller to have pressure sensitivity with SCPDrivers.

The Xbox 360 Controller uses digital buttons, so it isn't capable of pressure sensitivity.
Well I'm using a DS3, but SCP makes it emulate a 360 pad due to xinput.
That makes things really different then.

In SCP's folder that you downloaded to install the drivers, there should be a folder called Win32. Inside of Win32 there is a LilyPad plugin specifically for use with SCP, there is also an XInput1_3.dll file as well.

Place the LilyPad plugin inside of the plugins folder wherever your PCSX2 files/folders are and place the XInput1_3.dll file where pcsx2.exe is.

Start up PCSX2 and change the Pad Plugin to the SCP specific one, there will be a new option in the pad plugin settings for DualShock 3 native mode.

Your controller must be on before you go to the pad plugin settings, otherwise the DualShock 3 native mode will be grayed out.

Doing all this will make your DualShock 3 controller work as you'd expect it to, so pressure sensitivity will be perfect.

To test this, you can test device and see the granularities of the button sensitivities with each face button.
Thanks a bunch man. Really good stuff.
No problem, enjoy the game and the pressure sensitive buttons in everything else now too =).
I think only the XInput1_3.dll is needed. The LilyPad plugin that comes with PCSX2 supports SCP pressure sensitivity.
play mgs2 Tongue

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