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nickjeromana Wrote:Up until a little while ago I have had difficulties running ANY kind of BLUE PS2 disc at all.
For the most part, most of them wouldn't even load, rather completely crashed the Emulator.
A short while ago I found that changing the VideoGS settings to (Software) instead of
(Hardware) fixed all of that.
However, there were a few games that didn't work no matter what I did...
and I can't figure out what I could do to change the settings without jeopardizing
the functionality of the rest of my games or completely alter the function of the actual

Anyways, with "Midnight Club I" I get it to work between the initial opening and then to the
selection screen. However, as soon as I try to enter a race, cruise, or what have you
the whole thing crashes. Anyone with a solution would be great.

Also, I get a very similar scenario with "Midnight Club II", though with that one it doesn't
load past the Title Screen. These games are precisely why I wanted a PS2 Emulator
in the first place. (I actually still own a PS2, but I'm thinking about travel convenience)
I am working with a MacBook Pro 2011 running BootCamp. (So yes, it's running the Native
Windows 7 and is actually quite fast.)

Also, "Midnight Club 3"(Extended) works a little better than I and II, but it does crash after a short while
and runs rather slow even when it IS running. It then relays a message (Hardware Incompatible... something--- Only game this happens to.)

Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6490M
Memory 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3256 MB
Processor 2 GHz Intel Core i7 (Quad Core)

First, your specs may still not be enough for this series. It's pretty demanding on PCSX2 and your cpu is a lower speed one plus it's a laptop. You'll want some horsepower for these games. Not to mention the heat problems you can have with heavier games maxing out your hardware.
Second, you can try downloading the latest SVN build *Can be unstable but I've had no problems so far* http://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/ and see if your games benefit from the MTVU hack under emulation settings and then speedhacks, since you have a quad core. *however it can break/slow games* It doesn't look like anyones tested this with these games yet so give it a shot and let me know how you go.
Third, please show me some screenshots of your GSDX settings you end up using and post what your EE and GS usage ends up being on your best performing setup.

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For whom and why did you open someone else's thread. Tongue2
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Sorry, I edited it and put a moved from link. Thought that could have thrown some people off. Tongue
LOL "I started your own thread." xD /Don't have much to add, but that's a first ever that somebody doing something like that. O.O
Indeed, I'm sure us mode can handle it, thank you Tongue2
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I didn't want a cluttered thread. But I guess that was inevitable lol. /facepalm
I guess an i7 isn't fast or powerful enough to handle a PS2 gaming system?

If I thought it was ram then I'd simply get another card.

However, I watch as my CPU meter runs the PSX2. It isn't even reaching 50% of the CPU's full capacity. So how does that work if the CPU isn't fast enough?
PCSX2 uses up to 3 threads and i7s can have up to 8 threads. The load is divided thus you never get high load per core. And about an i7 being fast enough, it depends on its' clockrate. My i5 @ 4,3 Ghz can run almost any game on PCSX2 at double speeds.
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My Intel I7 860 @ 2.8Ghz ~ 3.5Ghz (currently) can run almost all the games at allmost fullspeed.

But depends on the Clock speed, whether its a laptop or not.

An I7 at 2 Ghz would surely perform much poorer then an I7 at 4.9Ghz. Tongue2
Also, Laptops aren't good for pcsx2. Tongue2

By the Way, there is not only CPu you need to have a good graphics card to.. Really depends on the game. If a Game is CPU demanding you need to have a good CPU at higher clockrate but if a game is GPU demansing then you need to have a powerful graphics card. Biggrin

Bositman Wrote:i7s can have up to 8 threads.

Then what about I7 970, 980, 980X, and 990X. They have 6 cores with 12 threads. Tongue2
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