Midnight Club 3 DE: Remix Problem
Hi there guys! I am following this project since the beginning but I had a console in the same time so I don't really needed to use the emu. Well, now the things turned upside down and I don't have PS2 anymore so I wanted to play some of my fav games on PC.

One of them is Midnight CLub 3 but I can't manage to run it fine with steady FPS. I know the emulation is not perfect but speed is acting strange and thats why I am wondering whats going on.

My current rig is FX-8350, 8GB RAM at 1600mhz, 6850 1GB. The thing is - the game runs with steady 60fps in the menu and during the movies but in the game if I hit the gas it drops to 10 or less when I reach 20mph. If I stay bellow 20 miles its perfectly fine - 60fps, no probs with that. But when I reach 20mph and it dies for 3-5sec (0fps) and then it starts moving with 5-10fps and thats it....

The thing is that I am running other games without any issues. I even recorded a vid of The Warriors yesterday and it was perfectly fine ->

I have tried literally every GS plugin (I know they are for different CPU models but still..) but it doesn't make any difference. I tried in DX9 mode and DX11 mode, its still the same. The speed hacks are not working at all (for this game at least). I tried the settings provided here http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Midnight-...5-U--29420 but its the same - everything's fine until I pass the 20mph mark :\

I will be glad if you can help me somehow. Or provide some settings that I can try. I am thinking the problem is my GPU but I am getting 7870 in the upcoming weeks. I will see if it can make the things a bit better but I am not a dev so I can't tell if that's really the problem.

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Quote:and I don't have PS2 anymore
Means you have no legal way to use pcsx2

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