Midnight Club 3 - "vertical lines" filter on 1.7.0 builds
I'm trying to play Midnight Club 3 on the 1.7.0 dev builds because they have fixes for the missing keyboard letters and headlights after-images, but I'm encountering a strange issue that I haven't before.  As soon as the game boots, a strange layer appears over the game that covers the screen in evenly-spaced vertical lines.  It doesn't make the game unplayable, but if you get annoyed by small details like me, they get annoying FAST.  I switched from Direct3D11 to OpenGL and it's worse on OpenGL, the filter turning into a checkerboard pattern.

Just to make sure this wasn't always an issue, I went back and set up 1.6.0 stable, and the issue wasn't there.  However 1.6.0 stable doesn't have the fixes for the missing keyboard letters or headlights after-images, so I can't play it on that version.  I checked and it's not the F7 TV filters, that's disabled.  It still appears at native resolution, so it's not related to upscaling.  I've tried all the settings, nothing gets rid of it.  It seems it's an issue somewhere in the code and unfortunately not in my control.  A screenshot of the issue is attatched.  I admit I've forgotten how to make a GS dump, so I don't have that yet.  I can make one if someone tells me how.


Windows 10 Pro x64

Intel Core i9-10900K

NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super

64 GB DDR4 Memory

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It's dithering, it can be disabled with PGDn

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