Migrating PCSX2 to another computer.
Just a quick question, sorry if this has already been answered, I didn't see a suitable answer. I got a new computer (a better one) and I want to move my current PCSX2 saved states along with the memory card saves. Pretty much I just want to migrate the whole PCSX2 settings. How can I do this and what is the most efficient way? Just a thumb drive?

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that would be, but also note that sometimes savestates will not work on another PCSX2 version. you would be best off copying both the setting and your program folder to the new computer in the same locations as they were originally (or delete the pcsx2.ini and redo those settings later on the new PC to update the location)
As soon as the new computer has the software requisites (updated directx, installed vc++ 2008 redist), then you should be able to just copy the entire pcsx2 folder and settings folder there just fine.
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