Minimum OpenGL to run?
I am able to run PCSX2 at decent speeds on a newish Celeron processor which has a very bad integrated graphics card. I recently was gifted a slightly older laptop. I have compared the specs, and this laptopĀ is superior in nearly every way. Clock speed is 2.6GHz (instead of 1.6), quad-core instead of dual-core, 4GB RAM instead of 2GB, etc.

However, graphics on here are limited to OpenGL 2.1 instead of 4.5. (side note: core profile is actually 0.0 on here weirdly enough. compat profile is 2.1. Anyone know why?) I found out when I tried to run PCSX2 that I couldn't, even using the software renderer.

This has made me curious: what is the minimum (complete) OpenGL version (not interested in the specific extensions) needed to run PCSX2? Also, does the software renderer require the same OpenGL as the hardware renderer?

Thanks for your time!

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For 1.5
Software mode basically requires OpenGL 4
Hardware mode 4.3

For 1.4 I think it's a little bit lower.

It actually depends on the extensions if they are supported or not.

Linux drivers generally support OpenGL better.

What is the igpu model ?
On linux,

Intel minimum is sandy bridge
Nvidia/AMD is DX10/GL3 GPU class with the free driver. (proprietary drivers miss some extensions on those oldies).

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