Minimum requirements for Budokai 3?
hey i saw this game in budget section of local store for 10bucks

what is the minimum to run this well? (80% + speed)

my specs :
Core2quad mobile Q9000 overclocked @2.4GHZ
4GB ddr3 1066mhz
GT130M 1GB 26%overclocked

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budokai or budokai tenkaichi ? 2 diffrent games with very similiar name. dont know how budokai but BT is pretty demanding, with native in gsdx i can run it fine on full speed at my 3,5 ghz but with not native it goes from 80-100%, i think it needs aronud 3ghz to run well
Intel Dual Core E5200 @ 3,5ghz /gigabyte GF9500GT/2 GB RAM / ASRock P45XE/ Corsair CMPSU-400CXEU
Budokai 3 have realy low requirements, it can run pretty much at any phenom x2 or c2d with 3ghz ( some people say that they can play it 100% smooth at much worse CPUs )
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I remember running Budokai 3 on my comp a core 2 duo 2 Ghz with minor graphic glitches and full speed most of the time.

Best to run it on the 0.9.6 release and none of the betas. This game doesn't like VU cycle stealing. I remember getting it at good speeds with EE sync hack X3, and VU frame skip in the CPU options.

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