Missing dll error
i have recently install pcsx2 9.8 on my pc when i run this using admin righta it says missing dll msv100 something like that....
but if i run pcsx9.7 it works fine...
my specfic are:-
win7 32bit ultimate
and the given specfic in signature... Tongue2
installed visual c++ redist. pack 2011 or 2010 ver. which is latest
dx11 june 2011 ver.
also tried with fresh copy of win7 and xp.. but same problem.....
Blink Tongue
also tried downloading msv100 dll from dlldownld site still not working.
plz help.....
INTEL CORE 2QUAD 9650 @ 3Ghz,
6 Gb Ram @ 1333 Mhz,
Display @ ATI RADEON HD 3450 @ 512mb

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Install this: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/de...bf0912db84
If that still doesn't do it just use the full installer of 0.9.8 found in our site.
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Whats the MSV100.dll. Probably it is msvcp100.dll or msvcr100.dll. They are Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2010 Runtime Dynamic Link Libraries.

Download the latest SVN build PCSX2 SVN, and install the Visual C++ runtime 2010(x86) as directed by bositman.

Was PCSX2 0.9.8 compiled with Visual C++ 2010.
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