Missing feature
is anyone still play pcsx2 playground?
cos some feature in play ground can helpful some games like:
1.frame skipping when fps drop( it helpful in dragonball z sparkling (J) set frame to draw 3 and frame to skip 1 )
2.thread priority
3.playground has more sharp image than pcsx2 ,especially blurry game ex: Raiden IIII (without using scale 2x native or scale up the screen already sharp)dragonball z sparkling (J), warrior orochi saga 2(U),battle stadium D.O.N, etc
(I use latest revision and native resolution GSDX). thank youSmile
correct me if I am wrong , I am newbie Smile

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1)You can use the 'Skip when Turbo Only' mode. Whenever you feel its slow press Tab to go to Turbo Mode and use Frameskip. You must change the turbo mode to say 100%. But still, you have to press Tab continuously. Well, the devs can introduce that. Tongue2

2) you can change that from the Task Manager. Run pcsx2 1.0.0, under the process Tab of Task Manager, right click PCSX2-rxxxx and select 'Set Priority' to High or Realtime.

3)Don't know about them. I use 3x Native.

4) Add it to your list. The Patch Finder / Browser. Although I can find cheats via Internet, or Cheat Finder, still the In-built patch finder was useful.
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