Missing players on EASports NCAA
Interesting scenerio, I have both the EASports NCAA college football and baseball games. Both games work pretty well except that the football games players are invisible. I can see the players on the college baseball game but not in football game. This is played on a gateway laptop, Intel duo core processors. ANy ideas???

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Good question, I have the same issue, more or less. I have NCAA 09 and while the menu screens pretty much work perfect, anything that has to do with in-game textures is messed up. The field, the players are invisible, etc. How many of the graphics options have you tried? Have you messed with anything that makes it run any better?

Anyway I can't imagine there's anything in there that will be the perfect fix we're looking for, I think at this point it would just take more emulator optimization. It's too bad because this is like the ONLY game I wish would work perfectly on the emulator. I can get my fix of pretty much every other genre of game on the PC, but I love playing college football games and there is no PC alternative.

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