Missing shadows in Dragon Quest VIII, GoW, and Valkyrie Profile 2
I noticed that every single video or screenshot posted of these games are using hardware rendering. I was wondering if the shadows display properly in software rendering because noone has ever posted a video or screen of these games using software rendering(which is what I prefer and play with).

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I had an old video of GoW2 played with software rendering. Wasn't fun, but yes... shadows worked.
Shadows work in DQ8 when using software rendering. They are slightly wrong though, for an unknown reason.
Well, my friend, try running it on a core i7 extreme at 4.5ghz with 5 cores dedicated to software rendering, see if it's still slow then =)
What about Valkyrie Profile 2, does shadow work in software mode rendering?
Rama, can you show me a pic of what you mean by "slightly" wrong?
VP2 shadows should just work.
DQ8 image is attached.


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