Missing text in PS2 browser
It's missing the free space indicator (upper left), the game title (upper right, but only on certain games which makes it extra weird), and when I choose to copy save data it's missing confirmation prompt, etc


This is happening on 1.5.0-1413 but I tested it on rev.926 as well and it had the same problem. I don't often use the browser so I have no idea if this was due to a recent change on my part or PCSX2 itself. Has anyone had this issue?

Also I've tried 4 of my memory cards including a freshly formatted one to rule out that it's a corrupt card or save

Looking more closely, it seems that only the roman alphabet and numbers are missing.

^ Missing only numbers like file size

^ Missing "BASARA" (in english) from title; the Japanese portion shows up fine

So I'm thinking this is just some issue with Japanese...

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Are you using the EE overclock
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
Oops, yeah I was. Had disabled it for testing but I guess it doesn't take effect unless you reboot. Thanks, it fixed the issue Smile
Yes, as Nobbs66 said you need to set the EE Cyclerate speedhack back to 0 or move it to a negative setting. Using a postive EE Cyclerate settings will introduce this issue. You don't need to reboot, just going back to the main PS2 menu and back would've resolved it as well.

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