Missing textures in games. New problem.
Ok setup is

Windows XP SP3
AMD AM2 4400+ @ 2.7ghz dual core
2GB Mushkin Hyper Ram
4670 ATI Radeon 1000MB Ram

PCSX2 Settings

Zero GS 9.71 W/FFX Hack only- no AA no Biliner or interface
Sound ZeroSPU2

CPU: left 4 checked and limit set.

Speed Hacks: None Checked - no VU cycle


Round Mode - Chop/Zero
Clamp Mode - Normal
Flush to zero, Denormals are Zero


Round Mode - Chop/Zero
Clamp Mode - Normal
Flush to zero, Denormals are zero

Problem is im missing alot textures in all my games suddenly. It never used to happen until recently. All my games are Okami, FFX, and Dark Cloud

In FFX everyones hair is distorted, Okami is just a mess and Dark Cloud is missing whole bodies.

My main concern is FFX, since I have been trying to play through this game since I got it and I got 2 scratched copies that have (so far) gotten through the hangups the PS2 gave me, but the hair is killing it.

When i first got the emulator working it was perfect looking, but slow. Now with Zerogs I got full speed, but the hair mess. I figured it was the plugin so I switched to GSdx 1075 (SSE2) and still I had the same texture problem with 40 frames in place of 60.

I decided to switch to some other versions of PCSX2 and different versions of Zerogs with the same exact outcome. Any suggestions?

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the hair issue appeared after 0.8.2 and never got fixed, i keep meaning to trace back and try to find out what broke it, but its hastle ;p
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Ahh ok. Good to know its not just me. Any knowledge on the sound repeating itself? Seems to happen when alot of sounds are going on or in a FMV movie sequence. Like if someone is saying Jecht, they say Je(pause) (repeat) Jecht and just some of the sounds in general.
I just get huge missing textures when im using ZeroGS graphic plugin. With GSdx (in general) i get really good graphics (still with some minor glitchs and stuff but nothing too bad) and very decent FPS. About that crappy hair in FFX i had them as well. You got 2 Options.

1. Live with it (it's really not that bad is it?)
2. Wait for a new PCSX2 release!!! =P

About your sound problem, just try it without any speed hacks and with SPU2-X sound plugin (if you don't have them just get them from here ---> http://www.generalemu.net/pcsx2archive/ ). If that doesn't work i dunno. FFX FMVs worked perfectly (literally perfect) with me. =P
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Yeah, I don't get why the sound is all wierd. I have alot of hacks off, ill figure it out. Yeah the hair texture is'nt terrible (Im just glad we have someone smart enough so I can play it at all), but at the same time it's FFX, it is the epitomy of why this emulation was started (I maybe wrong) and people with massive bald spots kinda ruins it.

Again though, since I know all this team gets is complaints about how much better it could be. You all own, thanks for spending your free time feeding our entertainment monsters.
In Dark Cloud you should turn of Resolve targets. In Okami -- fast targets. I never was able to see FFX hair problem, so I guess it's some sort of hardware incomparability with ZeroFrog 0.97 code.

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