Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation Vs. Zeon
Edit 2: With the NTSC verison, the "Game Running" window claims that the following error was created: "ADX: _adxError: E0040701:Illigal format(not AFS).(ADXF_GetPtStat)"
The PAL version states it was attempting to load three ElfFiles.

Edit: I have attempted to run the NTSC version of this game with the same results stated below.

I am attempting to run the PAL version of this game on the latest version of PCSX2. I've had some help by a person who has gotten it to work on thier computer, but the game will not load at all. If I attempt to run the game by going to "Execute" in the second tab, it brings up the Play Station 2 Logo that every PS2 game does, but then the logo flickers to the bottom of the screen and is half visible. If I attempt to use the "Run CD/DVD" option from the first tab, the emulator window has nothing in it, literally, it is transparent.

These are the setting he told me to use:
"Say, i'll tell you my settings (the most important ones), if it still doesn't work, then it's your computer having some issues.
Gsdx SSSE3: Windowed, D3D9 Hardware, Shader 2.0, no interlacing, Aspect Ration 4:3, Internal res 1024*1024, Texture filtering and Alpha correction checked.
SPU2-X: No interpolation, disable effect processing, module XAudio2, 120ms latency, rest is unchecked.
Pad: Use Lilypad, keep the default settings (but configure bindings as you need, shouldn't be an issue)
Cdvd: Linuz Iso

Cpu:All checked on the left, anything you want on the right (i suggest normal for you, to speed up the initial loading time).
Speedhacks: Default Cycle rate, VU Cycle Stealing to off, rest unchecked.
Advanced: use "Defaults".

Lastly, once you do "run cd/dvd", give it enough time."

My specs are:
NVIDIA GeForce 8300 GS
3.00 GB of RAM
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU 2.20 GHz
Vista 32-bit OS

Here are images of the problems:
PS2 Logo at Bottom -
Border Only Window -

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I actually forgot the question...

Is there a known way to fix these kind of errors?

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