Modding Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction
Hi folks! This is my first post on the forums, I hope I keep the mistakes to a minimum.

I was wondering if there's a way to mod ISO's on PCSX2.

What I'm specifically interested in, is changing the player model with a model of an NPC. For those who are familiar with Mercenaries, I'd like to change Jacobs' model with the Allied Soldier NPC model/skin. Is there a way to actually do that?

Looking forward to discussing this, thanks in advance!

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I know this post is pretty old but there have been significant advancements in PS2 Mercenaries modding. We're not at model replacing yet but it's possible we'll get there some day. 

Check gamebanana for some of my mods. A lot can be done.

We have a modding channel on the discord server if you're interested in joining. You can find the link on the wiki, and there are tons of speedrunning videos on youtube that provide an invite.
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